Template editor

Beautiful emails on all devices

You can easily create a professional newsletter with our nifty drag & drop editor. Simply select one of our preset templates and adapt it to your needs. The result is responsive emails that display properly on both desktops and mobile devices.

You can also use your Google Merchants feed for even easier product template creation
Subscription forms

Collect new contacts using forms

Every contact not included in your database is a missed opportunity. Don’t let visitors to your website leave so easily - try our sliding and pop-up forms. You can easily create them just how you want using our drag & drop editor.

When the form is ready, simply set the page you want it on, when it should appear to the user, and then easily add it to your website. New contacts will automatically be added to your contact list in Sendmark.
User segmentation

Take advantage of unlimited segmentation possibilities

Don’t send everything to everybody. Address selected groups of contacts with different email content. You can use segmentation to split your database according to the characteristics of the contacts, activity in email campaigns, shopping behavior or online activity.

Dynamic content
tailormade emails for every customer

Adapt the content of each email to the preferences of each customer and the information you have about that customer. In personalized blocks offer the customer, for example, a product from a category that they most recently viewed, or recommend products according to their recent purchases.

Machine learning
thinks for you

Smarter every day

We learn from your customers’ data and know what they like. Using the machine-learning function, we automatically select the products that will most likely interest your customer for each newsletter.

Get the most
out of your data

Work with data about customers and data from emailing in one place. This is the only way you will be able to create successfully personalized campaigns that will earn money.

Thanks to our API 2.0 and detailed documentation you can connect Sendmark with your store or with any other tool.

Facebook, Instagram

Connect Sendmark to Facebook and Instagram

Turn your customers into custom audiences

Linking social networks with Sendmark allows you to target advertising to all your customers or to only selected segments. You can also set adverts to automatically display depending on the behavior of the customer.

Contact collection with Facebook Lead Ads

Contact details for potential customers from Facebook or Instagram are automatically sent to your list of contacts in Sendmark. This means you can immediately welcome newly registered users with a welcome campaign.

Sending messages to Messenger

Communication with customers using multiple channels is no problem with us. In addition to email, we can also automatically send messages to Facebook Messenger.


We know how to both send AND deliver emails

Emails don’t wander - they go directly to people. Hence at Sendmark we are careful to ensure that your newsletters get to their addressees and do not end up in spam. Ensured delivery to all servers is a matter of course for us.

Our system continuously monitors delivery rates to all major mailboxes. This means we can see any potential problems long before you do.